About Us

We are a company involved in the music entertainment segment. We broadcast blues, blues-rock and rock to our audience around the world for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a defined corporate image that is positioning at an international level. As a firm, we have a goal: Seek to be the ultimate station of blues, blues-rock, and rock.

For bands and artists, we offer the FREE AIRPLAY service. It is our way to support and make their music to be listened globally, here are some of them. Furthermore, for our users, we offer three FREE services: a radio station, an app to listen to the radio, and a TV channel.

Radio Station

We offer Black Rabbit radio station, on which you can listen to tons of blues, blues-rock and rock music, from classics to moderns. If it is good, it is here.

Android App

Want to listen to Black Rabbit while you are outdoors? No problem! We offer Black Rabbit App for Android. The download is completely FREE.


We offer Black Rabbit TV (Beta), in which you can watch hundreds of blues, blues-rock, and rock videos that artists post on their Youtube channels.


Support Us

What really makes it running is your friendly support, which makes grow our music library and keeps running the 'radio server'. There are two ways to back this huge venture:

As A Listener

The best way to provide support is creating traffic from our website to our sponsors' pages. A simple click on the banner of each of them and look at the services and products they offer is more than enough.

As A Businessman

We are a Radio Station with a global audience in continuous growth; therefore, we are an excellent platform to promote your products and services. We have the next commercial spaces:

- Spaces for Radio Ads, 24/7.

- Spaces for Web Banners (800 x 400 pixels).

- Spaces for Video Ads, 24/7.

Investing in our firm is a good opportunity to grow up together, internationally. Contact Us.

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