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Joanne Shaw Taylor - Live At Oran-Mor

The 11 Track DVD was filmed and recorded at Oran Mor, a former church now converted into 
English blues-rock singer-guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor performs live at Oran-Mor in Glasgow in 2015.Joanne Shaw Taylor has established herself as the UK’s number one star in the blues rock world. The girl with the big voice from the Black Country has toured extensively around the world and released critically acclaimed albums, gaining a global fanbase and playing alongside some of her musical idols.a thriving arts and live music venue in Glasgow, Scotland. British blues star, Joanne says: “Recording this DVD at Oran-Mor in Scotland was incredibly inspiring, It’s a very spiritual space



1. Mud Honey
2. Outlaw Angel
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Tried Tested And True
5. Jump That Train
6. Diamonds In The Dirt
7. Watch Em Burn
8. Time Has Come
9. Tied and Bound
10. Going Home
11. The Dirty Truth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Text and image taken from source:

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